Dr. Brights Teeth Whitening

NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES: Dramatic Results, Easy To Use Dr. Brights Teeth Whitening System.

Dr. Bright's Professional Grade Whitening Kit is all you'll need to whiten and brighten your teeth, as this kit contains the same ingredients and application process used by Dentists nationwide for over fifteen years. The LED Whitening Technology activates the Carbomide Peroxide whitener accelerating the whitening process. The kit is complete with syringe applicator for ten treatments, LED activator, duplex silicone application tray, tray storage case and professional shade guide.

  LED Whitening Technology
  10ml 22% CP Whitening Syringe
  Duplex Application Tray
  Tray Storage Case
  Professional Whitening Guide

"We both smoke cigarettes and we know how our smiles simply vanished because we were conscious of our yellowing teeth... Now using Doctor Bright's our teeth have never been brighter. Ryan even quit smoking! I am hoping to quit too.." Thank you Dr., Brights

Kathy Miller - Plano, TX

"As we got older we noticed our teeth were not as white as they used to be, so we tried whitening strips and a couple different brands of whitening kits, but after Doctor Bright's, we regained our youthful, healthy looking smile. What a wonderful product!"

Anthony Carter - Portland, OR

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